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"There are two types of waiting. There’s the waiting you do for something you know is coming, sooner or later—like waiting for the 6:28 train, or the school bus, or a party where a certain handsome boy might be. And then there’s the waiting for something you don’t know is coming. You don’t even know what it is exactly, but you’re hoping for it. You’re imagining it and living your life for it. That’s the kind of waiting that makes a fist in your heart."

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"Artists talk a lot about freedom. So, recalling the expression “free as a bird,” Morton Feldman went to a park one day and spent some time watching our feathered friends. When he came back, he said, “You know? They’re not free: they’re fighting over bits of food.”"

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"El que sea valiente que siga a Parra. Sólo los jóvenes son valientes, sólo los jóvenes tienen el espíritu puro entre los puros (…). Parra escribe como si al día siguiente fuera a ser electrocutado".

Dos grandes de las letras chilenas. Dos de mis favoritos. Sólo uno nos va quedando.

Nicanor Parra y Roberto Bolaño. Las Cruces, 1999.

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